my short story
Robert Skydiving
robert roman thomas

Age 49 - Born and raised in and around Minneapolis, MN with my mother, brother, and sister,

At the age of 19 I moved to Anchorage, AK with my daughter Tiffany and my soon to be wife, the mother of my four children. My Father, who I only only met at the age of 17 had recently made the move with his wife and offered us a place to live until I got a job. My childhood was in Minnesota, but I became an Adult in Alaska. Three more children; Terelle, Tammy, and Robert, a lifetime of experiences that I wouldn't trade for anything, two owned homes, an over developed sense of responsibility to whom ever I worked for (workaholic) and I ultimately became a single man (divorce). My children grown, I met my second wife who was on vacation in the great state. This was my fathers wife's, niece. I sold the house and moved to Indiana. I went to school and obtained my commercial drivers license; she owned a trucking company. What started out as an awesome relationship came to a crescendo of built up emotions that needed time to be sorted out, but instead we went our separate ways, (divorced.) I personally think I was going through Alaska withdrawals. I blame myself. From there I moved full circle back to Minnesota to be close to the family I originally grew up with. I have left a lot out of this story, hopefully I will have time to fill in the blanks at a later date.

Life is a journey

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