I consider myself to be relatively intelligent but my spelling isn’t the greatest. I work with computers (mostly Macintosh) but I don’t consider myself a geek or a nerd. I am a gadget person with a love for all things creative. I tend to be overly analytical, a bit of a skeptic (I think every body should be), and I love being outdoors.

In past lives I have been a business owner, a manager, a skydiver, a truck driver, a sales person, and more. I am currently the Minnesota Representative of a Sign-A-Rama out of Fargo, ND.

Generally I am a quite person, but I am not sure I would call myself an introvert. I have taught marketing and sales, but I am not really an extrovert either. I think I am somewhere in between.

I like to ride my motorcycle. I like to walk around lake Calhoun when the weather is sunny. I like to hike, bike, work out at the gym, go camping, fishing, and travel. I love to travel. I get happy feet when I travel.

I like good steaks, fish, seafood, and sushi. But nothing beats a just caught Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon cooked over an open fire. I am convinced that the greatest city for food is Seattle. But I haven't been to New Orleans yet.

Entertainment for me can be a movie at home, or listening to good music (classic rock, fusion jazz, world music.) Bands like Tangerine Dream, Al Dimeola, or Curved Air. Live music of any kind, museums, and events that exhibit unique human creativity.